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Peter starts 2014 season
Written by Bruce Young   
Thursday, 13 February 2014

Peter is in Bogota in Colombia for this week's Pacific Rubiales Colombia Championship at the Bogota Golf Club.

Not having played competitvely since the Web.Com Tour Qualifying school in December, Peter is keen to find out where his game is at under the gun.

Peter has gained a start in the first few events of the season but it will be important for him to take advantage of those starts as his status on the Web.Com Tour this season is such that in order for him to consolidate his standing he will need to record a few good finishes.

"I thought it was going to rain all week but now looks like it's going to be ok," said Peter on the eve of the event.

 "The greens are actually very firm at the moment but we will see if they soften them up before it's time to start.

"I think I'm playing ok so it will be good to see where I stand by the end of the week.

The event is the first of the 2014 Web.Com Tour schedule although there is a three week break before the second event of the season in Chile on March 6th.  




Peter looks back and ahead as 2013 closes
Written by Bruce Young   
Tuesday, 31 December 2013


 For Peter it has been a tough 2013 with little to show for more than 25 events on the Web.Com and Australasian Tours.

He has however been buoyed by news that he will get several starts in early season Web.Com Tour events beginning in February in Panama.

On New Year's Eve I took the chance to catch up with him to discuss the year, his current situation and what his future plans are.

 click here





Peter misses card despite fightback
Written by Bruce Young   
Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Despite a pretty brave effort by Peter to fight back from a slow start to the Web.Com Tour qualifying in California he has missed out on one of the 45 cards being offered at the event to play the 2014 Web.Com Tour and as a result will have to rely on the few events he can gain starts where opportunities arise.

Peter produced rounds of 70 and 68 over his closing 36 holes to fnish within four shots of where he needed to be in order to be assured of early season starts.

The improved showing over the final 54 holes (he shot 69 in round three of the six played) does however offer Peter some hope of a start or two early in the season but he will be unsure as to when that will come until nearer the event (s).

Peter's poor finish in round two at the Stadium course on Friday proved to be the difference between earning and missing his guaranteed card but to his credit he fought back to at least provide some options for 2014.



Peter keeps hopes alive
Written by Bruce Young   
Monday, 16 December 2013

Peter will be chasing a big finish over the final 36 holes of the Web.Com Tour Q School in La Quinta in California after a fourth round of 69 at least gave him some hope of making the all important top 45 at the completion of 108 holes.

The way things are shaping towards the end of the fourth round suggest that Peter will need perhaps a total of six or seven under over the closing 36 holes if he is to have a chance of playing the Web.Com Tour with full status in 2014.

It is a big task but he proved today that that sort of result was still on the cards as he negotiated his way to a round of three under over the Stadium Course.

Big week ahead for Peter
Written by Bruce Young   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Peter is in La Quinta in California facing a very important week in his golfing career.

In order for him to be playing golf on a regular basis in the US in 2014 he will need to finish inside the top 45 at this week's Web.Com Tour Final Stage of Qualifying for the 2014 Web.Com Tour at the PGA West’s Nicklaus Tournament and TPC Stadium courses.    

 I played one course's today," said Peter on Tuesday evening in California. 'Its not bad. It has a couple of tough holes you have to get through and the rest gives a few birdie chances.

"They are two courses Ive never played previously. I was of the understanding that they were the tournament courses for Bob Hope but apparently not."

The following from the Web.Com Tour website explaining just who will earn status following this week's 108 holes.

"After the conclusion of play in the Final Qualifying Stage the following contestants will be eligible for 2014 Web.com Tour membership.

Category 2a: Winner and ties of the Web.com Tour Qualifying Tournament Medalist - exempt for the 2014 season and from periodic re-order. 

Category 4: Players finishing after the Winner and ties through tenth and ties position - exempt until the third periodic re-order of the 2014 season.

Category 4a: Players finishing after the tenth and ties position through forty-fifth and ties position - exempt until the second periodic re-order of the 2014 season.

Category 18: Players after the forty-fifth and ties position - conditional status for the 2014 season, alternating with seventy-sixth through one hundredth (76-100) positions from the Web.com Tour Regular Season."


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