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Mixed fortunes on PGA's final day
Written by Bruce Young   
Tuesday, 08 December 2015


Peter made a strong late rally at the Australian PGA Championship at RACV Royal Pines to put himself in a position to challenge for the title.

After being outside the cutline when playing his approach to the second last hole during round two, Peter holed his approach for eagle at the par four 17th then birdied his final hole to move two shots inside the cut of 6 over par on the demanding layout.

On Saturday he was unable to move froward in terms of scoring but such was the growing difficulty of the golf course that his round of 73 moved him forward on the leaderboard.

During Sunday's final round Peter birdied the 3rd and 4th holes and although he did not birdie again until the par five 15th, his run of pars between had him within just two of the lead when he reached the 17th. A birdie, birdie, finish could well have had him contending for the title.

His drive found the middle of the fairway but he pulled his approach (when caught between clubs) just off the left of the green and took bogey and then bogeyed the last to finish at 4 over. It was good enough for a share of 9th place and while a disappointing finish to the day it was another encouraging week.

Peter will play this week's NSW PGA Championship, his final event of the year, at the Riverside Oaks Golf Club near Richmond to the North and East of Sydney.  





Peter stages late rally at PGA Championship
Written by Bruce Young   
Saturday, 05 December 2015

As Peter stood on the 17th hole of his second round at the Australian PGA Championship at RACV Royal Pines, he was at 7 over par for the tournament and looking a forlorn hope of making it inside the cut line. The final two holes of the layout have been strengthened considerably and there was no guarantee of the one birdie he needed to make it to the weekend.

Peter would not only make that birdie he would do even better. His tee shot at the par four 17th was down the left leaving a good angle to the back right flag. His approach pitched in the middle of the green then jumped up the gentle tier and found the bottom of the hole for an eagle. He was at 5 under and inside the cut line.

But just for good measure Peter would also birdie the final hole to cap off a remarkable comeback.

While back in 38th position, Peter is only seven shots from David Lingmerth's lead and two strong finishing rounds could make things interesting over the weekend.  


Need for bounceback from Peter
Written by Bruce Young   
Thursday, 03 December 2015

Peter tees it up in the PGA Championship at RACV Royal Pines this week looking to get things back on track after a disappointing run through the flagship events at the Australian Masters and the Australian Open.

Having missed the cut at both events after what had been an encouraging 4th at the NSW Open, Peter is looking to rediscover that form as he plays an event that has meant so much to his career.

Peter has won the PGA Championship on three occasions, all of those at Hyatt Regency Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, the first coming in a tied result in 2002 when he and West Australian Jarrod Moseley could not split themselves in a playoff that ended in darkness.

The strengthened Royal Pines Resort provides a strong challenge and Peter will look to take advantage of his strategic game as he looks to overcome the Graham Marsh redesigned layout.    


Signs of bounceback for Peter at Australian Open
Written by Bruce Young   
Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Peter is in good spirits for this week's Australian Open at the Australian Golf Club despite his missed cut at last week's UNIQLO Masters event in Melbourne, a return to one of his favourite golf courses not the only catalyst but an important one as he looks to re-gather after his lacklustre performance at Huntingdale.

Peter won the 2004 Australian Open at this venue and has always stated that it is on his favourite list of courses.

During the time he had off last weekend he did some extra work on righting the wrong that crept into his game last week and he was excited by the improvment.

Time will tell of course but after his impressive 4th place finish at the NSW Open he is keen to rebuild the momentum and record a good week at the Australian Golf Club ahead of next week's PGA Championship.

Peter also took part in a ceremony for 19 former Australian Open champions which took place during this week's 100th anniversary of the Australian Open where he and 18 other golfers ranging from the 85 year old Peter Thomson to the 22 year old Jordan Spieth played their part in what was a very special celebration of their respective victories.  

Peter at today's Champions ceremony

Momentum slowed as Peter misses cut
Written by Bruce Young   
Saturday, 21 November 2015

In what has proven to be a disappointing week for Peter he has missed the cut at the UNIQLO Masters at Huntingdale after rounds of 75 and 72 left him two short of the required mark.

After an overall impressive week at the NSW Open last week it was frustrating that Peter was unable to build on that momentum. 

His opening round of 75 in the excellent morning conditions on Thursday left him well behind the eightball and although he showed signs of a recovery through his opening nine holes in Friday's second round, dropped shots over the closing stages cost him a chance to play the weekend.

Next up for Peter is the Australian Open Championship at the Australian Golf Club in Sydney next week. It is a golf course that is one of Peter's favourites and the venue for one of his two Australian Open wins.


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