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Big week for Peter in Oregon
Written by Bruce Young   
Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Peter gets one last chance to prelong his Web.Com Tour career when he plays the final event of the 2014 Web.Com Tour's regular season in Portland in Oregon this week.

The US$800,000 Winco Foods Portland Open is played at the Witch Hollow layout at Pumpkin Ridge. 

In order for Peter to get to the top 75 players from this year's money list who will contest the Web.Com Tour Finals he needs perhaps US$50,000 from this week's event which essentially means a top three finish.

Another milestone which could assist in him playing a limited number of events next season is a finish inside the top 100 on the money list and while that would still preclude him from playing the Finals it does provide some options for next year. He likely needs around US$28,000 from this week's event to reach that point and that would require perhaps a top eight finish

He sent out signals that his game was in reasonable shape with a fast start last week in Knoxville but faltered over the weekend and finished well back. Again it was a case of not capitalising on his opportunities which his tee to green game has been providing for some time now.



Much improvement when needed for Peter
Written by Bruce Young   
Saturday, 16 August 2014

Peter is staging a late bid to at least earn status on the Web.Com Tour next season with a strong start to the News Sentinel Open in Knoxville in Tennessee.

A second round of  66 has Peter within two of the lead heading into the weekend.

"I feel like I have been playing well for a while but just not converting the opportunities I have been creating so it has been nice to do just that a bit more often so far this week," said Peter on Friday evening.

"Clearly I have to do something special over the next two weeks if I am to have any chance of making the Web.Com Tour Final series so will have to keep this up but it is satisfying to put a few runs of the board thus far."

Peter needs a total of around US$50,000 in earnings this week and next if he is to force his way inside that all important top 75 and get the opportunity to play the Finals and possibly earn his way back to the PGA Tour but first things first he needs to get there.

It has been an encouraging start with his back to the wall.  


Something special needed for Peter
Written by Bruce Young   
Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Peter has finished 60th at the Price Cutters Championship in Missouri, a final round of two under 70 not making any impression on the leaderboard.

It was Peter's 3rd round of 73 that cost him any real chance of making any progress over the weekend.

Peter now faces the prospect of needing something really special in the remaining two events of the regular Web.Com Tour season.

He currently sits in 155th place on this season's money list and probably needs as much as $50,000 in the remaining two events in order to get inside the top 75 who would make it to the four event final series.

Those remaining events begin this week at the News Sentinel event in Knoxville followed by a new event in Portland in Oregon.    

Cut made for Peter in Missouri
Written by Bruce Young   
Saturday, 09 August 2014

Peter has made the cut at the Price Cutter's Charity Championship in Springfield in Missouri, adding a second round of 70 to his opening 69 to be at 5 under and in 50th position in the low scoring event.

Peter's task over the weekend and in the final two events of the regular season before the Web.Com Tour finals is to somehow earn another $50,000 to force his way into the top 75 players on the Web.Com Tour who will graduate to the finals to play against players finishing between 126th and 200th in the FedEx Cup standings from the PGA Tour.

Clearly it is a big task and but he can eat into that with a big weekend here. 

 Peter does have a start at next week's News Sentinel event in Knoxville.

Four more events for Peter to lift
Written by Bruce Young   
Thursday, 31 July 2014

Peter is in Hayward on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay this week for the Stonebrae Classic and with just four events to play before the Web.Com Tour finals he need something special over the next few weeks to firstly get himself inside the top 75 on the money list in order to make it to the finals and perhaps something even better.

The leading 25 players heading into the Final Series beginning with the Hotel Fitness Championship on August 28th gain automatic PGA Tour status for the 2015 season but there remains the opportunity through the finals to also gain a place on the PGA Tour next season.

Peter will likely need another  $50,000 in earnings over the remaining four events to gain access to the finals so it will be a crucial few weeks.

Peter has not played this event previously given that the tournament returns to the Web.Com Tour for the first time since 2009. 


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