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Improved week for Peter in Dallas
Written by Bruce Young   
Sunday, 14 May 2006

Peter has completed the EDS Byron Nelson Championship in Dallas with a one under par 69 and has finished in 26th place.

Two late birdies at the 16th and 17th holes played a key role in gaining several places late in his round, improving from 39th at the start of the day to 26th.

Peter hit all but three greens today but there were few realistic birdie opportunities. His three birdies came at the par five 7th after a pitch to five feet, at the par five 16th after finding the greenside bunker with his second and at the par three 17th where he hit perhaps his best shot of the day to five feet.

Peter now heads to the other side of Dallas for the Bank of America Colonial tournament in Fort Worth. Peter has played well previously at the Colonial Golf Club, including last year when third. 

Third round 69 at Byron Nelson
Written by Bruce Young   
Saturday, 13 May 2006

Peter struggled today, especially early in his round, but managed to record a round of one under par 69 at the TPC at Las Colinas and finds himself in 39th position with one round to play at the EDS Byron Nelson Championship.

Peter started well when he all but holed his tee shot at the second and was under par early. A few good par saves followed but through the middle of his round he missed makeable chances at the 8th, 9th, 10th and 14th before a birdie at the par five 16th from the bunker broke a run of thirteen consecutive pars.

 A missed chance at the 17th was followed by a poor drive at the 18th and he was unable to reach the green and dropped a shot to finish with 69.




Peter improves in round two at Byron Nelson
Written by Bruce Young   
Friday, 12 May 2006

Not only did Peter's score improve in round two at the EDS Byron Nelson Championship, but his overall play was impressive especially given his lack of tournament play of late.

Peter missed only two greens in his second round which was played at the slightly more difficult TPC at Las Colinas course and gave himself plenty of birdie opportunities, four of which he was able to convert.

Peter opened with a birdie at the par four first after a drive well left of the nearly reachable green. He followed by creating chances at the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 8th holes before finally converting with a second birdie at the 9th from 15 feet.

At the 10th hole, Peter's tee shot was right and caught the fairway trap. From there he was only able to advance it short of the green. He then pitched it into the greenside bunker and when he was unable to get up and down he had taken double bogey and much of the good work earlier was brought undone.

He bounced back immediately by almost holing his second to the 11th. He missed a good chance at the 12th but at the 14th, after a second across the water to 6 feet, he was back to two under for the day and one under for the tournament.

Peter finished at that score and finds himself in 40th position heading into the weekend. He is nine shots behind the leaders but only six shots out of third place.    



Peter recovers from shaky start in Dallas
Written by Bruce Young   
Thursday, 11 May 2006

Peter has recovered from two early bogies to shoot a first round of one over par 71 at the EDS Byron Nelson Championship in Dallas.

Playing his first tournament round since the final round of the Verizon Heritage tournament nearly a month ago, Peter finished his round with a birdie at the last to finish in 54th place.

Peter played the slightly easier Cottonwood Valley course today and tomorrow will play the TPC at Las Colinas, starting his round at 11.10am. 

The cut at this stage appears is if it will fall around the one or two over mark.  


Peter keen to get started again
Written by Bruce Young   
Monday, 08 May 2006

lonard_iron_from_fairway.jpg_at_australian_open After three weeks off from tournament golf, Peter is keen to get back into the routine of tournament play at this week's EDS Byron Nelson Championship in  Dallas.

"I was not quite well enough when I got back from Thailand last week to play the Wachovia, which was disappointing as it is a great event, but with a week at home at Keene's Point and plenty of practice I am feeling good about these next few weeks." 

"Thailand was great and we celebrated Jimmy's (Barnes) 50th in style. We played golf pretty well very day while there and started each day at 5.00 o'clock although, to be fair, not the day after the birthday bash." 

"For the past week I have practiced hard and worked out and am now keen and hopefully ready to go."

"It has been really quite wet here in Dallas and the two course being used this week at the TPC at Las Colinas and at Cottonwood Valley  will play at their longest I would think."   

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