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Peter changes plans
Written by Bruce Young   
Sunday, 19 September 2010

A frustrated Peter has resigned himself to the fact that he is unlikely to get any starts in PGA or Nationwide Tour events prior to Stage Two of PGA Tour School so has opted to stay back in Australia for another month before heading to the US where he will tackle Stage Two qualifying in Florida.

"I had thought there may be opportunities to get starts but it is looking increasingly unlikely so will stay here and continue to work on my fitness, maybe play a couple of pro-ams then head over in late October. Qualifying at my venue begins on November 17th in Panama City in the north of Florida so will head over and get myself sorted a few weeks prior to that. 

"I will have full exemption on the Nationwide Tour in 2011 but clearly my goal is to try and earn my way back to the PGA Tour via Tour School. It's all a bit of an unknown quantity at present as I really have not played a lot golf as such over the past eight months or so.

"The upside of all this (if there is an upside) is that I have been able to watch a lot of football this season and although the Doggies (Canterbury Bulldogs) are now well and truly out of the comp I have been going to a lot of games and really enjoying that. 

"I am keen now however to get back to playing tournaments and hopefully when I do the game and the health holds up ok.I have actually been working with a couple of the fitness guys at the Bulldogs of late and hey have been assisting me with routines to keep me in shape and to assist the healing after the surgery earlier this year."


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