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Peter looks to simplify things
Written by Bruce Young   
Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Peter is spending this week in Florida as he looks ahead to the remaining tournaments of season 2009 for which he will be eligible.

Normally the second week of August has Peter involved in playing the PGA Championship but after a year which has seen him slip well down the world ranking list, he must now focus on next week's Wyndham Championship to get things moving in the right direction. A big week there could change things dramatically but without such he will have a month off while the Fed Ex Cup finals are played and then return for the five event Fall Series.

"If that was to happen I would probably take a week completely away from golf before throwing all my energies into preparing for the last few events of the year," said Peter from Orlando today. "When you play bad you tend to practice more and it would be nice to rack the clubs for a week before refocusing."

"It's been a frustrating year and in actual fact I don't really feel like I am playing all that bad. I'll go out and hit the first 12 greens in regulation, make nothing and then miss a green and chip to four feet and miss it make bogey and then not be able to get things moving forward. I just haven't been able to build momentum."

"I have done a lot of thinking about things and am going back to the old way of chipping and to the old Peltz style of putting that I used to use. I have been working on opening and shutting the putter on the way back and through and to be honest I think I have been bamboozling myself. I am going to try and simplify things."

"I feel that I just need to hole a few in order to get a few shots in the bank so to speak as I feel that I am always playing catch up."

"As far as the chipping is concerned I think I have also been trying to get too technical. It is almost as if I have tried to create too many options for myself in terms of the type of shot and the trajectory of shot rather than sticking with what I know. In the past I have been a reasonably good chipper but it is an area of the game that has let me down of late through trying to introduce a greater variety of shots. Again it is now a case of trying to simplify things." 

Peter will next play the Wyndham Championship in Greensboro an where he has often played well although the tournament moved to its traditional venue in 2008, the Donald Ross designed Sedgefield Country Club.  


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